Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Blighted II, Chapter 2 is out

Chapter 2 is now available for your pleasure.  The usual caveats apply - this is the rough draft and I haven't proofread it yet.  That notwithstanding, here ya go.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Blighted, Part II: Chapter 1

Work has been really busy.  All that work doesn't leave much time for writing.  And when it does, I usually don't feel like writing.  Suffice to say it's a slow go.  I think the new year will bring a little relief, but we'll see.

Anyway, I've just started Chapter 4, so I thought I'd go ahead and release Chapter 1.

You can find it HERE.

Give it a read, let me know your thoughts. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Blighted II - First Thoughts

Thought I'd share some early first thoughts to my zombie sequel:

Chapter One

Somewhere in the Pacific
“I’m certain, see for yourself,” Parris said, handing the binoculars to Liam.
Pressing them against his face, he stared out across the blue water towards the east.  If he strained hard and squinted his eyes just so, he could make out the cliffs.
“How did you see that?” Liam asked.
“What?” he said with a grin, “I’ve got sailor’s eyes.”
“And a mouth to match…”
“I can’t say that I blame ‘em – talkin’ like they do…” Parris replied, “Stuck out on the water like this, it’s enough to drive a man mad.  Even if the islands are full of blights, I won’t miss this boat.”
Liam laughed, “It’s hardly been two weeks.  Imagine how it was in the past – being out on the seas for months, without any of the luxuries we have, at the mercy of the winds…”
“Past?” Parris retorted, “Give it a year, that’s how it’ll be again.”
His words were sharp, cutting through the fa├žade of pleasantry that they’d managed for most of the voyage.  The past couple of weeks had allowed them to push back the fear that’d dogged them while they’d held out in Fiji.  The blood that had been spilt on the deck was long since gone.  The bodies of the fallen were but memories, having been offered up to the sea. 
Once they stepped off the trawler, though, the false reality they’d fashioned for themselves would be gone.  The truths that governed the new world would return.  Death waited ‘round every corner, or staggered forth without growing weary.  Suspicion reigned like a tyrant.  No stranger, no place – nothing could be trusted.  
If only we could stay out here forever, Liam thought to himself.
“I’ll go tell the others,” he said, “We should double the watch.  There could be trouble about.  You mind readying the inflatable?”
Parris nodded.
Emma awoke, as always, to Rikki curled up on her chest.  His low purr was calming, or maybe it was the weight.  Like a heavy blanket on a winter’s night, it made her feel safe.  She’d almost forgot what it felt like – not to be afraid of what the new day held, or even the next moment.   

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Blighted - Update

The Blighted has been re-edited to improve the prose and correct any mistakes.  The main reason for my doing this was to re-familiarize myself with the storyline.  With this completed, I hope to start on Part 2.  Things may change, but I expect it to pick up somewhere around Baton Rouge.

Hopefully life will be such that writing can be wedged into the gaps at least semi-regularly.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pitching In

For those who don't know already, OJD's house burned down:

Ryan has posted about it and Mr. Rawles ran a fundraiser as well. 

I don't know OJD, but I feel for him.  If you buy a book of mine between now and 11/16/13, send me a screenshot of the Amazon purchase.  I'll donate the full proceeds of my royalties to OJD.  Probably won't be much, but it's something.  That's what we're supposed to do, right?  Help each other out.

So go here: grab a book, and let me know about it. email your screenshots to:

Or, cut out the middle man (that'd be me) and give here:

Shut Up and Ruck

Really.  Shut up.  You're rurning the scenery.

It's hay season.  Freshly baled.

Big Sky.

It'll be full of wood ducks soon enough

Just an old country road.

With scenery like this, you tend to forget you've got 30 or 40 pounds on your back.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just an Update

Work's been very busy lately - busier than it's been in a long while.  Probably 4 months ago, I came off a long-term project (fully allocated for 2 years) and into a deep lull (which was busy in fits and spurts since I would be writing proposals and building estimates), before being deluged with new projects starting about a month ago.  Lot's of smaller projects is much more stressful than 1 large one.  Plus we're understaffed and it's hard to find support personnel as the rest of the company is busy as well.

I say all that to say this:  stress has a big impact on my creativity.  The more stress I'm under, the less apt I am to write.  I've all but quit for the past few weeks.  I'd started a new project, but kinda lost interest for the moment.  I'll shelve it and try it again later.  Maybe. 

So for now, I'll read and revise the Blighted to get me reacquainted with the story line.  And then I'll start part 2.  Hopefully, work settles back down, they get me some support and I can start writing more. 

In other news, I rattlecanned two guns this weekend.  Here's one below:

I caught a sale on paint and was able to get them done for under $6, with plenty of paint to spare.  Right now, I'm on a roll and am looking for something else to rattle.  *Eyes Cats*

Also got out and did some shooting.  Sighted some optics.  Failed a rifle and sent it off for repair. 

Been rucking a lot lately.  Couple times a week.  Seeing some good gains.

Thinking of building a smokehouse. 

Anyway, that's where I'm at.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Border Marches and Crescent City Now in Paperback

The Border Marches is available HERE

and Crescent City HERE

Should be up on Amazon in a couple days as well.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Border Marches - Now Available on Amazon

Now available:  The Border Marches, by Archer Garrett

Book 5 in the Western Front Series

Darkness has descended upon the world; the fabric of society has been torn asunder, sovereign nations collapse under their own burdens, once stable governments are ushered into revolution and allies of old are thrust into war. The tentacles of darkness have inevitably traveled across the Atlantic and are now tightening their grip on the American republic.

Picking up shortly after the events of the Nine of the North (Book 3), Jake and his family have made a home for themselves in New Falcon, one of many settlements along the southern border of the Republic of Texas. Hayden, from Crescent City (Book 4), has also found his way to the borderlands. Together, a strong, freedom-minded community has developed. A precarious peace has settled, but the threat of the cartels is growing in strength.

Soon enough, the settlers are forced to make a decision: Will they come to the aid of a small border town and strike back against the cartels?  Will the Republic stand by them if they do? And what of the mysterious Watchmen and a former assassin named Manuel - can they be trusted?

$3.99 Kindle Version
35,000 Words