Sunday, June 24, 2012

Novel Update IV - Going Online

I've listed up through Chapter 2 on amazon at the lowest price point they will let me. If you've been following the blog, all you would get out of this is chapter 2 - and I'm gonna release chapter 2 starting on Monday; not worth the price for y'all, but more of a heads up.

I have finished part 1 of the series (long night!) and will hopefully have it up on amazon in this week or next. It's the length of a novella (20,000 words), or about a third of the length of a full novel (50,000-80,000 usually). Things are starting to look like it'll be a 3 part series.

Take Care


  1. Is Novel Entry 1 - Prologue (1 of 2) this the begining of the Novel? Or did I miss something. I don't want to miss a thing? It's good.
    Papa Mike

  2. Entry 1 is the beginning. You didn't miss a thing. I wrote chapter 1 first but then decided to start off with some action quick and let some questions linger for a few chapters.