Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Novel Update X - Review Request

Sales are sluggish to say the least on Amazon.  It's difficult for an unknown, self-published author to break out.  To be perfectly honest, I've sold 13 copies online.  If you are one of those 13, I appreciate your patronage. 

One thing I believe would help with exposure is some reviews on Amazon.  If you have purchased, or plan to purchase the eBook, I would love some honest reviews on Amazon.  You don't have to say I'm the love child of Cormac McCarthy and Brad Thor (trust me - I know I'm not), just tell it like it is.  Grassroots, word of mouth is what builds momentum.  Besides, a steady interest in the book encourages me that it's worth it to continue the series. 

Regardless of sales, I plan to complete Parts 1-3 which will bring some sort of conclusion to many of the stories that have been introduced, and when combined could be considered a stand alone novel in their own merit.

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