Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Western Front - Part 2: FREE All This Week

Part 2 of the book will be free all week (13th - 17th) on Amazon starting sometime tomorrow.

If you haven't picked up part 2 of the series yet, now would be a good time to do so!

Also - I'm about halfway through flashback and am enjoying writing it.  It is a little different flavor than WF.  It is set further in the future than WF and takes place after a glorious revolution.  It follows the events leading up to what you read in the prologue (linked at top of blog page) and the consequences it has on the main character.  I'd say it's a story about oppression, defiance and consequences.


  1. I go away for a few days and Part 3 is done, a new prologue is up and you are thinking about a new series! Thank you so much, I really enjoy the books and wish you continued success!

  2. Jason,

    I'm glad your enjoying my work; I appreciate your enthusiasm!

    Take care, brother.

  3. Have purchased all 3 parts. Enjoying alot. Thanks.
    Papa Mike

    1. Good to see you lurking Pop. Glad you enjoying it.

      Got part 1 of Eastern Curtain mapped out, probably gonna start tomorrow. Been procrastinating, working other projects. With Flashback behind me I got no excuse.