Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Western Front, Part 3: T-Minus 12 Hours

Part 3 is in the hands of Amazon and should be published in 6-12 hours.  I'm satisfied with where the book went and am glad the process is over. 

The blog will probably also be transitioning to more focus on my writings and God and less on other topics; not that there won't be the occasional random post.  During my writings, you may have noticed the weeks on end of simply posting links to news stories to keep something new on the blog.  There are many others who do much better in this regard than myself.  I mostly leave current events to them.

I feel the best use of my time is my writing.

I am also interested in doing guest posts for other bloggers so that I may be able to subtly promote my work.  If you have a site and this interests you, shoot me an email. 

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