Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book 2 Update

Last I told you, I was 60% through with part 1 and things were moving along nicely.  I've kind of stepped back and retooled how I will release Book 2 so it will take a little longer than originally anticipated.

The original plan was to release the 2nd Book in 3 parts, like before.  Each would be about 25K words (as a reference, Book 1 total was 80K words).  I've decided to cut back to only 2 parts at about 40-45K words each.  40K words is usually the minimum word count before a work is considered a novel, but 40K is considered a very short novel.  The industry average is somewhere around 60-80K and publishers usually won't consider a book shorter than 55K words.  I'm not beholden to publishers, so that doesn't matter to me. 

I want to publish the rest of my works in this series in a size that I would consider a standalone addition to the series.  It will still be called part 1 and part 2 of the 2nd book, but they will be respectable sized offerings in their own right, especially for a mere $2.99.  40K words will also allow me to move the story quite a bit further than 20K-25K words would, so hopefully you wont be left hanging in the middle of a story arc (or at least not as bad as before maybe).

Instead of throwing out percentages, I will say that I am 21K words into Part 1 and I know exactly where I want to cut it off at.  You will be meeting our new antagonist(s) very soon (Chapter 6 I believe); I do love to hate this guy.  

Anywho, I wanted to update you to where I was at.  I seem to be getting about 4K words/week on average, maybe more, so it will still be several weeks before you see this published.  Oh yea, I'm still playing with the title, but here's where I'm at so far:

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