Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kratocracy (Western Front Sequel) Update

I am at 29K words, with about 6 chapters left to finish up Part 1 of Kratocracy.  It will definitely be out sometime in October, maybe even before mid-Oct.  Total word count for this entry will be about 40-42K words - as a point of comparison, the whole WF book was about 80K words.

I will probably take a break from the Western Front trilogy for a short while to write something else (Like I did with Flashback).  Writing this book has been rather taxing on me since I've strove to make it realistic.  I need to write something that isn't quite as realistic for a while.  For better or for worse, expect me to take a break to write a little bit about some nasty ole zombies - hence the Blighted book cover. 

Thanks again to Nick Pagano at for his awesome textures that I modified for the Blight's book cover (he's also where I got Kratocracy's texture - ain't selling enough to afford a cover artist yet!).

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