Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ax Max

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I'm spotlighting Max Velocity because his book is pretty clutch and I enjoyed it.

Ryan did a review not long back; check it out if you haven't already:

Arctic Pat had a review as well:

WRSA more or less excerpted a chapter from it here:

Instead of another review, I've decided to do an "Ax Max".  Submit your questions, we'll pick a few and Max will give us a few pearls of wisdom.

Questions can be about his background, specific tactical, whatever you want.  We'll run questions until next Wednesday and then Max will weigh in a few days later.


  1. Max

    What would you recommend be the primary goals for someone in an apartment or urban setting (moving is not an option), beyond the standard beans, bullets, band-aids and PT?

    1. Buy some barbacue sauce. Strip naked and roll around in it. (For the day the EBT cards stop working).

  2. On home hardening, what are some options against small arms fire? How many sandbags thick? Is concrete filled cinder blocks thick enough? Any other inexpensive modular options?

  3. What's your next writing project?

  4. I read your article on vehicle movement during a SHTF situation. If someone was going to purchase a vehicle with the explicit purpose of this in mind, what should they get? How should they modify? Must hold 4 people.

  5. Would like some advice on how long magazines for the AR15 and M1A should remain loaded (less one round left out while stored away.).



    1. Anonymous - That's a great question and one that's frequently asked. There's seems to be a lot of misinformation out there about it.

      I've done a fair amount of research and experimenting of late and have found that there is a difference in spring fatigue and spring creep. Spring fatigue (the continued compression and expansion of a spring) is a real concern for magazines. The more you shoot, reload, and shoot, the quicker your magazine springs will begin to fatigue.

      However, spring creep (simply keeping the spring compressed for a long period of time as in a storage situation) is not a concern.

      So, the short answer is, keep them loaded. If you're interested in a long discussion, I've written about it here: