Monday, October 8, 2012

Next Project: Crescent City

I've decided to bump The Blighted down a notch or two in priorities in favor of another short project that takes places in the Western Front universe.  Crescent City (CC) will be a short work, at least as long as Flashback, but probably no longer than Part 1 of the Western Front (I'm thinking somewhere around 15-25K words). 

CC will take place in New Orleans probably sometime during the Western Front timeline.  It will be about a couple stuck in the city during the initial chaos and their subsequent escape.  I won't go all out Rawlesian, but this story will likely focus more on what they have to do/have to survive.

I think the Blighted will also start out in New Orleans as well.  I have sort of a Love/Hate relationship with NOLA - I hate it after about 2 hours in the city and I love it when I get to leave!  Seriously, NOLA is a pretty interesting city steeped in rich culture, history and mystique, so it makes an excellent backdrop.

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