Monday, October 8, 2012

Writing Update

I mentioned Crescent City the other day, and can say that this is definitely my next writing project.  The Blighted is getting pushed further and further back.  I was mulling ideas for it while I was running and I started getting some really good thoughts, so here's what I got so far:

Crescent City will probably only be the first of several storylines that focus on a group in a specific location.  I'm thinking NOLA, Houston, San Diego and maybe even some more cities if the stories flow out of me easy.  These three cities are selected for specific reasons that will play into the overall Western Front universe.  Ultimately I will be tying all of these stories together into a single arc that will also incorporate the Jake/Clayton storyline.

This story arc will take place obviously over all of the city stories, Kratocracy Part 2 and the following book (may be called Kratocracy Part 3 or may be called a new book).

I wanted to let you know about this because I'm pretty excited about this new story arc right now.

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