Friday, November 2, 2012

As Predicted in The Western Front

 Excerpt From the Western Front:
The people of St. Ansgar crowded around the station as they cheered and waved farewell to the senator; he turned back and gave a final farewell before stepping onto the train.  He had just concluded another powerfully rousing speech at the depot, but did not have time to stay and mingle with his supporters; time was growing short, and they still had a lot of stops ahead of them.  It was not easy campaigning 19th century style.  

The shipping of goods by the river and rail had begun to exhibit a marked resurgence in recent months.  It was much cheaper and safer to transport cargo by train or barge than by truck; the senator chose the rail as his means of transportation, because like his values and ideals, it was experiencing its own rebirth.


  1. Right before I got out of equities, I had purchased some shippers' stocks, to include rail transportation companies.

    While I would not put money back into this equities market, it looks like it would have been a sound strategy, had I not liquidated.

  2. If the market had not diverged from reality (Dow 8,000-10,000) I would be long OLD SCHOOL energy, agg and transportation.