Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crescent City - Update, et al

This week spiraled into an unexpected media week for me.  I intentionally made Flashback free for the week after I found out that I would be on The End Within, but then TWF1 was price matched to free and Rawles picked me up.  At that point, I decided to send out some notices to others in our community about the free books.  Several have subsequently been kind enough to pass this on to their readers.  Thanks to all who were kind enough to do this. 

Regarding Crescent City:

I'm about 60% complete and am currently writing Chapter 10.  Things have been admittedly slow-going on this book.  I have been busier with other tasks, but it seems whenever I've sat down to write Ch.10, it's just harder to breathe it to life, so to speak.  Because of that, I've kinda been putting it off.  I now have a clear vision for this chapter and am again moving forward.

I just wanted to update you and say that the book is moving forward, it should be done soon & I'm still holding out for a December release.

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  1. Looking forward to the finished product.