Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rambling, Idle Thoughts, Custom-Built Flash Fiction & Reader Submissions

Wife and I went out today and did a little shooting.  Mostly .22s on steel plates to keep our practice up, but also to try out this: .  Unfortunately, my time on the new sites were cut short by a broken firing pin; the rifle had less than 500 rounds through it.  If anything will reduce your rifle to a hunk of metal, the lack of this part certainly will; glad it happened during practice.  AKMs are great, but they're not mythical/indestructible great - everything fails.

Anyway, I think a lot while I'm shooting.  It's relaxing, it's out in the middle of nowhere, the "pinging" of the steel plates is like tiny shots of endorphins - everything about it makes me smile.  So yeah, I'm smiling and shooting and thinking, and this errant thought crossed my mind and it kinda stuck around, which is usually dangerous for me.  Most of the time when I get an idea, it's probably something I shouldn't do, except this one is perfectly safe and ethical and doesn't involve spotlights, or face paint, or kayaks, or hurricanes, or other things that make me cringe when I think back later (all of those components aren't necessarily from the same story).

Flash Fiction - really more like Flash Fiction/Short Story (Somewhere between 500-5,000 words). 
You come up with an idea, plot, etc.  You can name the characters, or whatever - it's your rodeo.  I'll write it, post it here & mention you as a co-developer.  If you have a blog, you can post it there or whatever, as well.  (Legal mumbo jumbo - I retain all rights to work I write, even if you suggest plot devices, etc.)


Reader Submissions - If you got some work you want to share, send it to me and I'll post it on the blog.  I'll critique it only at your request, otherwise I'll just post it for all to enjoy.  I won't post writing with excessive (my definition of excessive is rather low) profanity, any "adult" scenes, gratuitous violence
(I don't shy away from violent scenes in my work - but it is always to move the plot forward - not because I enjoy or condone the actions themselves - think Saw or Hostel for gratuitous violence - violence with a frail plot wrapped around it as an excuse for the violence).
(Legal mumbo jumbo - YOU retain all rights to work you write, of course.)

This may go absolutely nowhere, or it may be a great idea - either way, there's no chance of me winding up in the hospital, or arrested, or sucked out to sea, so I'm cool with either end result.


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