Monday, December 10, 2012

Speak Up!

While I'm finishing up Crescent City, I wanted to get some feedback from everyone here.  I don't really have much of a preference as to what I write next, and I have several options. 


I'm leaving it up to you.

Here's our options:

Kratocracy Part 2 - Pick back up the main series with the following (primary) story arcs: 
  • Jake/Clayton
  • Reese
  • Barrett and the Grey Riders
The Freehold Part 2 (aka Flashback Part 2) - A second short story based in the Freehold.  I already have the main character in my head.

The Blighted - num num Zombies!

New Houston - Like Crescent City, but in Houston during the nuclear attack. (Not very fond of this choice)

Wildcard - Give me your own idea.

There ya go.


  1. Kratocrasy 2

  2. (1)Survival of the people in the Hill Country of Texas. Maybe underground bunkers. (2)Usage of Texas Americans to fight battles from Seceding from the union. Closing the borders around Texas.
    Papa Mike

    1. On your point 1 - I could probably do a side story like crescent city later. Maybe incorporate some things that Sandman/ovm and I have discussed in that story.

      2 - not to give too much away, but I am planning a story arc in the main series that will involve texans (citizens not soldiers) fighting. Probably will have some familiar faces.

  3. Kratocracy Part 2

    The Freehold Part 2

    Either would be good.

  4. Probly gonna start Krato2.

    Flashback/Freehold is so frustrating for me - to be honest. It is my favorite book, but I obviously have not hit my target audience - it sells like 5 copies a month - heh. I wish it was more popular, I would like to expand the series, I have this whole dystopian universe in my head - and if I don't write the books, I'll never get the voices out of my head ; )

  5. Kratocracy Part 2, good series, would like to see it continued