Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crescent City - Chapter 6


Chapter 6 of Crescent City is now available at the above link.  Once again, I have not proofread anything - been busy writing.  I really hate proofreading/editing, so I tend to put it off. 

Enjoy it for what it is - a rough draft with some typos probably. 

This will probably be the last chapter of Crescent City I release before publishing the book.  I wanted to leave you with some action.  Chapter 6 has another cameo visit from The Western Front.

Based on the remaining story arc, I'd say the book is somewhere between 30-50% complete.  I've got a wide range there because several chapters have turned out to be much longer than anticipated.  Anyway, if it matters, we're probably looking at a work that is somewhere between 25K - 30K words - about half as long as Kratocracy Part 1.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Max Velocity - !Fixion! - Patriot Dawn

Our friend Max is shooting for a January release date of his first fixion novel, Patriot Dawn.  The synopsis sounds very good.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see that he is incorporating a foreign cyber attack into the storyline - this is something I've been planning to explore as well in later novels, if I don't divert from my current story arc.  I've started laying the groundwork for this type of attack in Crescent City.  Anyway - cyber attacks of this nature are a very real and very dangerous possibility.

Think it can't happen?  Check this out:
Stuxnet found in Chevron
Funny how things have a way of backbiting us.

Anyway, if your not familiar with Max, check out his non-fiction offerings:
Rapid Fire

If you're interested in his non-fiction work, do the noble thing and buy it through AP's site, so he gets a cut - no additional cost to you.