Sunday, January 20, 2013

Conjuring Up

Wanna get in my head? Read this:

Specifically my concerns that some of my work does more harm than good, and particularly the fact that if I get a thought that is particularly pressing, I have to write it.

That's why I haven't yet started Krato2; I keep trying, but there's so much else that keeps begging my pardon.


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    I posted this as "J" over there.

  3. My wife was complaining profusely at the end of Kratocracy...."what, that's it". She's visually I read it to her. Something I enjoy doing. But, please continue your quest. You're doing more good than harm! -Jeff in Georgia

  4. I actually started Krato2 (which now I think it won't be called Krato2; I'll give it a name of its own) yesterday. Barrett and crew are on the Chinook heading west. I am becoming more selective in how I portray certain things. I don't want to glorify certain actions.