Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are There No People Left?

"Are there no people left who value freedom?"

Are they the majority, or at least the voting majority?  I mean obviously not NOW, bt maybe in the future?  In the next election perhaps?

This question was posed on a radio program this morning by an exasperated host. He believes there are. Many disagree. I'm on the fence. It depends.

Nationally? Probably not.

In some communities/states/regions? Probably so.

But what is freedom? Rights? What does that entitle you to?

I was really disheartened by a conversation today with supposed conservative/republican individuals. Whatever that means anymore.

Let me start backwards and work towards the topic.

Read Exodus 22:14.

If you are driving, while obeying ALL laws, and someone runs out in front of you. You hit them. They die. Is their family entitled to anything from you? When it was beyond your control?

Hold your answer.

If a gun company sells a gun lawfully and it is used in the commission of a crime, are they liable for something beyond their control?

Hold the answer.

If a company, any company, manufacturers a product or performs a service AND does it completely within the law. And something happens to cause you loss or harm. Are they liable? Are they liable because you burned your little lap with their hot hot coffee?

Hold your answer.

If. IF. IF. Follow me? We're in hypothetical world. IF this cruise line followed all laws/regulations/procedures/whatever. And their engine STILL failed and you're stranded for 5 days defecating in a bucket off the coast of Mexico. Do they owe you anything?

IF they skirted procedure/the law/whatever - they're liable. Make em pay.

Otherwise, what more could they have done? Did you think this was completely impossible?

Read Exodus 22:14 again.

If your freedom means I owe you something because you didn't have the day/service/vacation/life you expected - and it was beyond my control, you don't want freedom. You want MY freedom.
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