Saturday, February 2, 2013

Author Spotlight: Alex Smith

Alex called me earlier today to let me know he had uploaded his first book, Getting Home, onto Amazon.  It should be available tomorrow.  I decided to jump the gun and do an author spotlight.  This is a copy of the transcript, which is scribbled on a notepad and stored in my head.  So Alex, if anything looks off, just let me know in the comments.

Disclosure:  I know Alex and agreed to do his cover art, some proof reading and allowed him to bounce some ideas off of me.  He didn't pay me anything for these services, much to my chagrin.

Archer Garrett (G):  So, Alex, are you willing to be Lance Armstrong to my Oprah Winfrey.

Alex Smith (S):  Sure, what's the worst that could happen?

G:  Yes or No, tell me about your book.

S:  (laughs) I don't think this is gonna work in Oprah's format.

G:  Fine, Yes or No, did you take any performance enhancing drugs during the course of this book?

S:  Yes.  Coffee, Coke and Whey Protein

G:  Coke eh?

S:  Coca-Cola.

G:  Oh.  Well, tell us about the book.

S:  It's a non-fiction survival guide of sorts that focuses on getting you home after a disaster.  It's written in a manner that is easy to understand.  Very clear and concise.  This book is focused on the person who is at the beginner or intermediate level of preparedness. But everyone can probably learn a thing or two from it. 

G:  Yeah, I learned a couple things myself as I proofread some of the chapters, and will be adding several items to my kits.  Speaking of kits, that's mostly how the book is broken down, right?

S:  Yes:  Every Day Carry (EDC), the Daypack (DP = purse, man-purse, small backpack, etc.), office preps, vehicle preps, the Get Home Bag (GHB), Caches and then some general get-home and survival tips.

G:  You really preach redundancy in the book, which I like.  At any given time, any of these kits may not be available to you.

S:  That's right, each "platform" is a slightly larger ring of preparedness.  There is some overlap, and then it expands outward so that you are more prepared with it than with the previous platform. 

G:  I like it, and I think I practice that already, on several items, but you really dive into redundancy.

S:  Well, on things like water purification, food, knives, fire starters, ammo and first-aid - yeah - because it's so important to your survival. 

G:  What's the price of this puppy?

S:  0.99 for the first few days or maybe a week, then probably up to 4.99.

G:  How long is it?  Word Count/Pages?

S:  Microsoft Word puts it at 120 pages.  I think the word count is around 22,000 - 23,000. 

G:  That would be longer than Part 1 of the Western Front, so that's a pretty extensive look at just getting home.

S:  Yep, I wanted to cover the subject thoroughly for the beginner and intermediate level person. 

G:  Sounds like a steal for 99 cents.  Let me know when it shows up on Amazon and I'll post the link.

S:  Will do.

G:  Oh, will there be a hard copy? 

S:  Yep, maybe in a week or 2.  Probably somewhere around $12 - $15.  Get it for 99 cents then grab the hard copy later.

G:  Agreed.  Thanks Alex. 

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