Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NotN update:

Nine of the North (NotN) Chapter 3 is complete.  I'm 10,000 words complete on what will be a 40-50,000 word book.  Should be as long or longer than Kratocracy.  So far, I think it'll be about 17 chapters.  Once I get Chapter 4 written (hopefully by Friday), I will start releasing chapters. 

Our Point of Views are shaping up to be:

Barrett (Border Arc)
Lobo (Pilot Arc)
Freeman (Federal Arc)
Jake/Clayton (Alabama Arc)
Reese/Gov (Texas Arc)

I know it sounds like a lot is going on for 17 chapters - and it is - but a bunch of these arcs converge very quickly.  After 3 chapters, we start to see most of the story tie together.  I've probably already said too much, but you'll be reading free chapters soon anyway.

As I've said before, NotN will bring some closure to the main story, but I still plan on taking some of the individual story arcs forward via a spinoff series or two. 

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