Monday, March 4, 2013

Next Project

I'll be taking some time off of the Western Front series with the completion of NotN, since it ties up most of the loose ends on the main story arc.

I'm somewhere around 50-60% complete with NotN.  Usually around this time I start looking ahead at future projects.

There will be another Blighted book somewhere in the future, though I really don't know when, because it has not taken off as much as I would have expected.  I'm slowly learning how to reach larger audiences with book releases, but unfortunately I did not use the current model with Blighted 1.

The next project (hopefully), will be the collaboration I've mentioned before.  It will be very faith oriented, so it will be a departure from my previous works.  Not that my other works don't mention faith, but this one will make that the driving theme.  My collaborator and I have finally settled on a setting - the Crusades, which plays into the theme very nicely.  There was always going to be a backdrop of a war, so this will be perfect. It also gives us an opportunity to explore the Crusades from a historical standpoint, even if that is only a tertiary goal.  The history of the crusades has been maligned, much like our own history, if not moreso.

Anyway, I haven't released my collaborators name here yet, since he and I haven't discussed that.  I'm not sure if he will be using a pseudonym or not.  Maybe I can release a name soon.  


  1. YEAH, it's time to get your head right and your thoughts right. Now dig in and make this book right.
    Hummm, crusades? How about in a modern setting for the crusades. Or even and Apocalypse type setting.
    Some one or a group trying to clean up the mess left behind from an EMP provoked war?
    Just my $.02.
    Good luck.
    Papa Mike

  2. Mike,

    It's been a tough week with some other items taking priority, so hopefully I can get back in the groove and continue working through NotN.

    In regards to the upcoming projects, we'll definitely consider those settings. The only benefit to the Crusades setting is that it will make one more genre that I can dip my foot in and see how well I enjoy it and how successful the book is.

    I can only write in a certain genre for so long before I kind of get burned out. That's why in between tWF books I tend to write other style books.