Monday, April 15, 2013

Next Project and some Updates

Templar (Working Title and partial cover) is the current project.  It's historical fiction with a heavy emphasis on faith.  It's a departure for me in more than one way, so we'll see how it goes.  Sample Chapters in the next few weeks probably.

After that, I'll probably turn Pulse Chaser into a full-length work.  I am very excited about this project.  In fact, I've been wanting to write Pulse Chaser since I started it.

Blighted sales are very slow (sold 6 copies this month), so that definitely factors into when a sequel will be written.  If there is not much interest in a series, I am not very inclined to prioritize its sequels.  Phases is similar in that it was not met with much interest, so a sequel has been shelved for the time being.  As a side note, I find this odd, since both of these books' pages hold the top 2 spots for views on the blog.

Flashback will, however, see a return to its setting - probably after Pulse Chaser is complete.  Its sales are light as well, but I believe there is enough interest there to warrant another work, especially since stories in its setting are meant to be short, and do not require an extended commitment to write. 

Once all of these side projects are completed, I will probably return to tWF universe and write the Border Marches, which will merge the Jake/Clay and Hayden (From Crescent City) story lines.

Anyway - that is where I'm at.  Hope everybody has enjoyed NotN

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