Thursday, May 2, 2013

Behind the Scenes: the Blighted - Lakeshore, MS

I thought I'd resurrect what I'm now calling Behind the Scenes, where I share some aerials, images or research information regarding a portion of one of my books.I think it's a cool idea, and gives you a feel for what I was seeing as I wrote the story.

This post is in reference to the Blighted.

The aerial is of Lakeshore, MS - the location where Blaine and Taylor started out.  "The Refuge" marker on the aerial is where I envisioned their camp to be.  Situated up on piers, at the end of a long peninsula, Blaine would've had a good view of any zombies headed his way, but would've been at a disadvantage against any intruders (which we saw). 

The small fishing village was mostly deserted when the story began, but there would've been forageable supplies in all of the other camphouses, so they would've been able to make it for a while.

The developed area to the east is a casino.  If the zombie virus moved quick enough, this may have been a source for the walkers that kept trickling into the area.

The red line heading west is the beginning of the route they took to New Orleans.

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