Friday, May 24, 2013

Behind the Scenes - Phases

I thought I'd do a little info dump on some interesting things I found during research for Phases (Free Chapters Here)

First, a map of the city during the time of the story (circa 1873).  Click for a larger image.  Algiers is at the bottom of the map, and the forest would be beyond that.

Next up is a pic of Canal Street, circa 1890.  Again, click the image for a (very) high resolution pic.

Pic of Chartres Street.

And the Cotton Club.

Some info on the real Sheridan (Here as well), the original Fast and Furious bureaucrat (Admitted to supplying Ju├írez's forces with arms in his memoirs).  Andrew Johnson called him an "Absolute Tyrant", and he was.  The South hated him for his misdeeds during Reconstruction.  Further Reading:, his personal memoirs (Free on kindle):

And the Olde Absinthe House.

And the veritable musketoon.  

Here's a Colt 1860.  Beautiful weapon.

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