Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pulse Chaser, New Chapters

Some updates to the Pulse Chaser Page.  A chapter or 2 has been added, and I've made some minor revisions throughout. 

Pulse Chaser is odd in that it is my most unplotted story yet.  In the Western Front series, I always had a very vague general outline drafted (usually in bullet form).  Even in NotN where I spent the least time plotting and though I may have had a an overall idea of how the story "should" end, I had no idea what would happen in between and how that ending would actually look. 

The Blighted had even less plotting (In a deserted area, forced out and into New Orleans, escape - that was basically all I knew from the start.  I filled the details in as I went.).

With Pulse Chaser, however, I have NO idea where this story is going to go at all.  All I know is the chapter I'm writing and maybe the following chapter.  It is a frustrating (I like having SOME sort of plan), but it is a fun way to write since I get to enjoy the story as I create it, rather than regurgitating notes.

Anyway, I think I am becoming an anti-plotter, which could be interesting.

I'm currently at 26,000 words.  I don't know how long the book will be (usually I am able to give a pretty accurate % complete, but not this time...), but I'm guessing it should come in between 40 and 50,000 words. 


  1. 50k words? Will that be your longest work? But I'm looking forward the complete work.
    Papa Mike

  2. Western Front (Parts 1-3) was 80. Krato and NotN were both 50.

    For a novel, 50 is short. Most are 80-100, but some, such as the Great Gatsby are around 50. HG Wells Time Machine was the length of the Blighted - around 30.