Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pulse Chaser Update + New Chapter

New Chapter available now on the Pulse Chaser page.

This will probably be the last chapter I link here.  I'm currently at 41,000 words and will probably finish off somewhere around 50,000, so the book shouldn't be but another week or so before it's available.  I had intended for this to be an anthology of sorts with a collection of a bunch of different adventures, but the trip over the Atlantic led to Monaco, and then Paris, and then beyond, so the story has become more like1 continuous section of the journal, with a few exceptions. 

Once Pulse Chaser is complete, I will give it time to grow some wings (and sales) before continuing the series.  In the meantime, I will probably write another short story in the Freehold (Flashback) universe - I've had the general theme of this story in my head for quite a while.  After that, I will probably jump back to the Western Front universe and write the Border Marches (Jake/Hayden/Clay on the border).  I am considering writing the Border Marches from a 1st-person perspective, and letting Clay tell the story, but we'll see.

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