Friday, May 31, 2013

Pulse Chaser - Update

Pulse Chaser is at 48,000 words with 3 journal entries remaining.  I hope to settle down to a long weekend of hard writing and have this project uploaded by Sunday Night.  If  not, expect it sometime early next week.  I'm very pleased with how this project has turned out, but I'm also happy to be finishing it up.  Writing is a contest of (cognitive) endurance, and I always feel a little drained by the end of a book.

In the meantime, word of mouth is greatly appreciated.  Also, this is out of my usual genre - does anyone know of any high traffic scifi blogs/sites/forums that they frequent?  I need some good leads to get the word out.  

Until then, check out the free chapters on the Pulse Chaser page, if you haven't already.

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