Friday, June 28, 2013

Announcing: ~ the Sentinel ~


~ the Sentinel ~

Freedom-Minded News and Entertainment

the Sentinel is a daily publication, featuring an eclectic arrangement of news and entertainment for freedom-lovers, patriots, minarchists, individualists and other "auditable" types.   

Think 'the Drudge Report,' but for a slightly different demographic... 

We're delivered straight to your doorstep at 1:00 PM, CST, give or take a shake - depending on if the delivery boy has had a proper breakfast or if his bike chain has run afoul, again

We feature sites such as:
The People's Cube
According to Hoyt
Western Rifle Shooters
Zero Hedge
Arctic Pilgrim
Gates of Vienna
Maggie’s Farm
Paratus Familia
Pro Libertate
Chuck Baldwin
Day by Day (Chris Muir)
David Codrea
-And many more.
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