Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Some Updates

Halfway through re-proofreading/editing the Western Front.  The book will be much better for it with respect to grammar, flow, etc.  By the end I will also have edited out about 2,000 words, which is a fairly significant edit for what was considered by me at one point to be a "finished" story.  That's a net reduction, since I've added to the book as well.  Nothing worth re-reading for, just polishing the prose.  Once I've uploaded the revision, there is a way to have it updated on your kindle, though I haven't researched it.

Still not sure what I'll write next, but I'm leaning towards Border Marches (Jake, Geram, Clay & Hayden), as told by Clay.  Don't really have an overall plot in my head, so I need to pull that together.

Spent Saturday night at doggie ER.  He was in a lot of pain when we got home and his eyes looked horrible.  At first, I thought he was snakebit, but vitals were fine.  Turns out, he took a sharp stick to the eye.  The other eye must have been compensating for it and that's why it looked bad.  3 prescriptions later and he's looking better.  Wife says that sometimes it takes days to go blind form eye trauma, so we'll see. 

Gonna take a break for several days soon, so we're looking forward to that.  Beach, kayak, paddleboard, fish and grill.  Haven't had a vacation in 2 years, so, yeah, it'll be nice. 

Pulse Chaser is still on sale for 99 cents, so grab it if you haven't yet.

Should have an ad up soon on a blog to help with waning sales.  Won't mention any names until its official. 

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