Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Border Marches - Now Available on Amazon

Now available:  The Border Marches, by Archer Garrett

Book 5 in the Western Front Series

Darkness has descended upon the world; the fabric of society has been torn asunder, sovereign nations collapse under their own burdens, once stable governments are ushered into revolution and allies of old are thrust into war. The tentacles of darkness have inevitably traveled across the Atlantic and are now tightening their grip on the American republic.

Picking up shortly after the events of the Nine of the North (Book 3), Jake and his family have made a home for themselves in New Falcon, one of many settlements along the southern border of the Republic of Texas. Hayden, from Crescent City (Book 4), has also found his way to the borderlands. Together, a strong, freedom-minded community has developed. A precarious peace has settled, but the threat of the cartels is growing in strength.

Soon enough, the settlers are forced to make a decision: Will they come to the aid of a small border town and strike back against the cartels?  Will the Republic stand by them if they do? And what of the mysterious Watchmen and a former assassin named Manuel - can they be trusted?

$3.99 Kindle Version
35,000 Words

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