Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pulse Chaser - a short story

I could see this becoming a series; I've GOT to quit writing stories that could become the start of new series.

It's a Victorian Era, Steampunk-esque, SciFi work.  I really enjoyed writing in this setting.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flash Fiction Update

I'm looking for more interactive fiction, as I've mentioned here before.  The blog doesn't have the traffic to make it possible, but the forum linked below might work.

We'll see where it goes.  Come by and join in, if I get this off the ground.

Some Updates

My writing will probably slow down some as I try to focus more on other items in my life.  That doesn't mean I'm quitting by any means, since I'm hopefully starting Krato2 today.

I also have a collaboration project in the preliminary stages.  The backdrop is a war, but the book is not about war.  It will be very Biblical, but not preachy.  Think kind of along the lines of Joshua or Jonathan and their faith.  The book will bounce between the main storyline and diary-like reflections of the main character (Think of Sheriff Bell's commentary chapters in McCarthy's No Country).  I have no idea how long this book will turn out to be, but probably not a novel length. 

Russell will be releasing his review of TWF tomorrow on his blog:
He's been releasing one a day all this week, and I must say he does not mind trashing books.  Most people will just gloss over or ignore a book's problems, but he certainly doesn't.  I'm looking forward to some brutal feedback.

Benjamin Rush at Stronghold also ran my John 18 guest post from yesterday up his flag:
I actually wrote it for his site, but sent it to Michael as well.

Hopefully I'll have an author spotlight with Max Velocity and his book, Patriot Dawn, soon enough.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guest Post At End Times Blog

Michael graciously posted an article of mine. You may've seen a similar post here before, or perhaps I've shared this with you via email. For everyone else:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Roger Abramsky - Author Interview & Spotlight

Now that the Blighted is complete, I'll take some time to chat up some fellow authors.  Please welcome Roger Abramsky back:

Archer Garrett:           Roger Abramsky, of the American Rebellion series, is back to tell us about the second book and endure any other ridiculous questions I throw at him.  Roger, what's been going on since we last talked?

Roger Abramsky:        Well let me see.  Many of my readers were anxious to see the sequel to American Rebellion Book 1 of theRevolution so I did my best to oblige by publishing the requested sequel; entitled American Rebellion Book 2 of the Revolution.  The 3rd book in the series American Rebellion Book 3 of the Revolution should be available in the very near future.  
AG:     Without giving anything away, what has happened in the series so far?

RA:     It's the classic battle between conservative and liberal values.  The United States has been split into two distinct countries; the original United States and the fledgling new nation known as the Free United States.  There are assassination attempts, new alliances formed, ultimate power struggles and the final moments which foreshadow whether nuclear Armageddon will occur globally or will be diverted.

AG:     Can you give us a rating of the book? (i.e. - Rated R - Violence & Profanity) 

RA:     I would have to say there is a fair amount of violence in all of my books. I think a martial law scenario or a nuclear detonation would lead survivors to have to face violent individuals or groups in an effort to survive. I try to keep the profanity to either none at all or perhaps 1 or 2 instances.  For the most part violence would be a yes and profanity would be a no.  

AG:     Good to know. So - when can we expect Book 3?

RA:     Yes sir.  Book 3 is 75% done and should be released in the next 2 months.

AG:     RogerAbramsky, billionaire extraordinaire, parapsychologist, but sadly stricken with debilitating conjunctivitis... ***

(*** Note:  All of these attributes are likely not true at all.)