Saturday, January 26, 2013

Behind the Scenes: NotN - Chapter 1

Well I guess I'm back on a roll.  Finished Chapter 1 up today.  It's good, maybe a little different than other books in the series, at least to me.  I'm trying to make some adjustments to my writing style based on feedback from those who are wiser than I.  Shorter sentences, less semicolons, etc.  I'm also trying to flesh out some of the characters more, while still retaining the action.

Anyway, here's the setting for Chapter 1:

I may go back and give you some maps and photos from the previous books.  The abandoned city in the intro to Kratocracy is particularly cool.  I tried to capture its essence; maybe I'll put up some pics next week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the Nine of the North (formerly Kratocracy 2)

Here's what'll probably be the cover for the Nine of the North (formerly Krato2).  I really like the cover texture, which you can imagine how it plays into the story as the NotN has been talked about before in the Gov. Baker story arc.

I'm very happy with my latest 2 covers - this one and Pulse Chaser.  I think I'm getting better at cover designs.  Krato1's is still my least favorite and I will likely revisit Phases and change its cover.  I found some cool black and white textures that I can probably manipulate to create a bloodsplatter effect.

Anyway, so I started NotN (Krato2) last night and believe I will probably complete the main story arc that's in my head in this book.  That doesn't mean that the Western Front Universe is over.  There's plenty of room to grow the international story line (introduce some foreign antagonists).  I also have an idea for a spinoff story arc along the Border that will incorporate many of the existing characters, even if only in cameos.

Just a heads up.  Hopefully I can get some writing time in and release some early chapters of NotN soon.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Conjuring Up

Wanna get in my head? Read this:

Specifically my concerns that some of my work does more harm than good, and particularly the fact that if I get a thought that is particularly pressing, I have to write it.

That's why I haven't yet started Krato2; I keep trying, but there's so much else that keeps begging my pardon.